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Today, is Friday March 13, and at 3:13 I was thinking there is nothing unlucky or LUCKY about this day for me. It’s been 8 years, today, that I have been fighting this fight and Winning. It wasn’t Luck, but the Grace of God that I’m Still Here. In the midst of Everything that is going on around this world (Tornadoes and Coronavirus), God has truly been amazing!! I am so Thankful to EVERYONE that has and continue to Pray and Fight with me on this Journey. I’m not Lucky, I'm loved!! I will continue to Walk in my Healing and my Purpose (advertise for Christ). He ain’t finish with me yet. May God Bless you. Much Love and Gratitude. 🙏🏽🥰❤️🎁

Blessings, Trish

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From the article posted by, Harriet Baskas, Special to USA TODAY

Leap year offers an extra day – and extra perks for travelers. It happens once every four years, and 2020 is the year.

Adding an extra day – Feb. 29 - to this month not only helps keep our calendars in sync with the astronomical seasons, it creates an excuse to offer bonus perks to travelers.

If you love to Travel, as I do, any reason or excuse to getaway, than count me in. I would suggest that you Hop or Leap on over to this link to read more about ideas and specials for February 29th.

Happy Trails to you.



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First, allow me share with you how this little boy came into my life. Shortly after receiving my cancer diagnosis, my two sons and I were at the hospital, waiting to discuss with my doctors the plans for my treatment. My oldest son decided this would be a good time to Interrupt our intense atmosphere for a Special Announcement. In his serious and calm tone, he told me that I was a grandmother of a baby boy. I was so surprised and happy that thIs news change my thoughts and mood for that afternoon. We made it through my doctor's appointment, discussing so much information about plans for my new health care issue. However, most of my thoughts were about my son telling me that he had a son. What cancer.....I was a grandmother!

Meet My Why

The moment that I laid eyes on him, this baby named DeMiko, and I put him in my arms, I knew I had to fight this disease. I had my Why, My Lifeline, which is what I call him. DeMiko has been a Fearless Fighter with me. He works hard at taking good care of his Nana. He will get up and out Early with me to attend a cancer walk. We have participated in walks since he was in a stroller. At his young age, he is definitely one of my Prayer Warriors. He knows how to intercede on my behalf. We spend as much quality time together as possible.

I Love to travel and this kid undoubtedly inherited that in his bloodline. DeMiko is very smart, and at seven years old, he has traveled to places and experienced more than many adults. He is beginning to fill in his United States map like his grandmother, and so far, he has checked off eight states. I am Hoping and Praying that God will allow us to see more of this Beautiful country together. I have many supporters and warriors traveling with me on this Journey. You will hear or see some of them as I continue with my mission. This Plus One is Nanas Big Boy, DeMiko, and I Love him!


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