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Discover Milwaukee

If you go about 90 miles West of Chicago on I94, you’ll be lucky enough to reach Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A four-season state where you can surely find something to enjoy, depending on the weather. If you can’t, just wait a little bit and that season you’re in will possibly change on you. Here in Brew City, we may have spring-like weather in the winter and snow in the Fall.  No matter your preference, things can be pretty nice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

I once heard a story from a Bishop about his trip to New York. While the Bishop was visiting a friend, who lived in New York, he told the friend that he wanted to make sure he attended a Live Broadway Show. While trying to make the arrangements, the friend told him that he, himself, had never been to a Broadway show there in New York. The Bishop was very surprised. He asked his friend, “are you aware of the thousands of people that come from around the world to visit here and take in a show or performance?”.  He could not believe that his buddy had been living there for years, with this opportunity almost at his back door and had never experienced one performance. The message was...Get to Know Your Surroundings. 

I have been blessed to travel many places around this country and even the world, and it always surprises me when I hear how locals are not that familiar with the things or places in their own city or state. When I decided to write about and share my journeys, I knew that I needed to start in my neighborhood. 

A Nugget about Milwaukee:

Milwaukee is not as big as the “typical” big cities such as Chicago or New York. However, I personally like that it’s close enough to Chicago for a quick “Big City getaway”, whenever I desire that big urban feel.  Even though we’re not as notable as some of the other larger concrete jungles, my city and State have some well-known staples that are recognized worldwide.  We are a pillar in the sports scene with our champion Green Bay Packers (Pac Nation! Call us Cheese Heads and we won’t be offended ), the Milwaukee Brewers and The Milwaukee Bucks (FEAR THE DEER)!!  Oh and Yes....Beer, Brats and Cheese are in constant rotation at every sporting event. 

The other big thing about Milwaukee, in addition to the weather and sports, are the many Festivals. The City of Festivals (as we’re called), boasts the fact that different festivals pop up on the calendar almost all year long. There’s always a perfect time to indulge in all different types of good food, music and festival fun. We’re not age, race or gender specific. There’s something for the whole family. Always on top of Trish’s Festival list is Bastille Days, Milwaukee’s popular French festival.

It’s one of the reasons why Paris is on my Bucket List. In July, A huge replica of The Eiffel Tower helps bring the ambiance of Paris to downtown Milwaukee. The food, the vendors and the nearby Jazz In The Park gathering is something I look forward to every year. Despite it being a quarter of our year here, I am not a winter person.  I strongly dislike the very cold weather. However, our wonderful light displays throughout the city and state mixed with the snow, makes our corner of the globe very picturesque and worthy of a visit every year. With many charitable events that combat the winter blues, like Candy Cane Lane, the holiday season in Wisconsin can be so beautiful and you can enjoy it while giving back to the community.

My Blog will be highlighting some specific places in Wisconsin, but I wanted to give a little taste to wet your visiting appetite, as you’re composing your travel lists. We may not be the city that never sleeps, but don’t sleep on our city! Just like Fonzie, make a trip to Milwaukee for some Happy Days! 

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