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Lake Geneva the French Way

Hello 2021! It’s a New Year and I was ready to GO! Corona had cramped me way too long in the house and in my city.

It was my birthday month and I always travel somewhere for my birthday. I wanted to try Puerto Rico or Paris, but that was not looking good due to the pandemic. As I was canceling any thoughts, ideas, and plans, I realized that I didn't have to concern myself with the stress of traveling on a Plane or Trane. I could use a much safer means of transportation to escape. A little research unveiled a perfect place for a family Roadtrip, and it was only an hour away.

Lake Geneva, WI

We made reservations for a couple of days and nights at the French Country Inn. I had been to Lake Geneva a few times, but I was excited to see what French Country Inn had to offer. It was nestled in a nice, quiet area of Lake Geneva, a little ways away from the main town. Because we were there in late January, they still had their holiday lights up and the place was beautiful.

I received a very warm and welcoming greeting from Lucy. She was very helpful with making sure our accommodations were exactly what we needed. We received a little history about the property and it was quite interesting.

French Country Inn,

W4190 West End Road, Lake Geneva, is a beautiful and charming Bed and Breakfast. There's the beautiful office house, for a safe check-in and out. They have two separate buildings with different setups for your stay. Parking was great, right in front of your building. The property sits right on the lake and as pretty as the snow and ice was, I kept imagining just how beautiful it must be when all that thaws, the warmer seasons. We picked the Perfect time to make a cabin fever getaway. There was only a few other guests. Rooms: We reserved a room in both buildings. My grandson and I had a fancy room in the big complex. The room had a balcony overlooking the lake, a fireplace and a spiral staircase. There was a fireplace and Jacuzzi upstairs that was peacefully calling my name. My sons room was nice, in the other complex. We were pleased with our rooms and had a peaceful, relaxing night.

As stated, the history of this place was quite interesting. We heard stories from Eric and Lucy.


A bag of continental goodies was ready for Breakfast, just pick up and go from the office.

Our complex was perfect for our family. There is a very nice, comfortable, kitchenette, community room. This was an area we used for eating, socializing and an excellent spot for my grandson's virtual schooling. His teacher commented on his fireplace background while online. He was happy to share with the class that he was in Lake Geneva.


We wanted to see a popular winter attraction for Lake Geneva, the Ice Castles, but tickets were sold out for every time slot. The lighting was pretty and bright enough for us to see the Ice Castles across the lake from the French Country Inn.

The main part of the city, downtown Lake Geneva, was a 10-minute drive from the French Country Inn. We walked around checking out the Ice Sculptures. Again, I will say, the timing for this trip was great. The weather was in our favor for a stroll through town.

One last thing, remember my desire to travel to Paris? I had no idea that I had Paris 60 miles from me. I have never been to Paris, but the French Country Inn had me thinking this was a nice sample of what to expect when I make that trip.

When you're ready to get back out there,

and you're not quite ready to get back in long lines to board. How about a

safe, and clean experience to your neighborhood towns. The French Country Inn on the Lake will be happy to accommodate you. We enjoyed our stay and plan on returning during the warm seasons.

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Ms Trish

Travel Blogger and Visual Storyteller


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