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My Blog Debut

The Announcement Reads ... January 20, 2020 at 2:20.... I Birthed My Baby!! One week before my Birthday, on #MLKDay. It was Such a Beautiful, Sunshiny afternoon. After all the hours of researching, reading, writing, erasing doubts and recognizing a delay is not a deny. I am happy to say that I am, Officially a Travel Blogger! I was so Excited to share the news with all my family and friends. A few of them gathered with me to Celebrate this special occasion.

I would Love and Appreciate it if you would check me out, here at my New Address. Get comfortable and take a look around, have a seat and please let me know what you think.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. You can also find Trish Travels and Tasty Treats on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s engage in some meaningful conversations. This new chapter of Faith over Fear, in my Journey book, will definitely start off with Baby Steps. However, it is my desire to take you on a fantastic voyage. I truly hope you like what you see. It is and will be, Based on a True Story.

So buckle up and don’t forget your appetite, we will be making many stops for some Delicious Tasty Treats. is ready for take off.

My Mission:

Fight cancer with a suitcase; one adventure or experience at a time!


Remember: A change of latitude would help with your attitude

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