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One Year Old!! Happy Anniversary 🎉🎉

My, how time Flies when you’re Not in the Friendly Skies! I can’t believe it has been a whole year since I birthed my Blog Baby, January 20, 2020. If I allow my mind to relax a moment, I can still recall the excitement from that special day when I Officially became a Blogger. What a year to start a Travel Blog Adventure. The Corona Pandemic made its arrival and People, Places, and Things were slightly put on hold. Traveling safely outside the city, state, or country this past year required extra planning, preparation, and precautions. I think about the year where I took a trip almost every month, that drastically changed. This will be the first year in at least ten or more years that I will be spending my birthday, January 27th, close to home.

I hope to travel again soon, and add more content to my Blog. For now, I may need to take more small Roadtrips. This is a perfect time to explore and experience all that Wisconsin and its neighbors have to offer. Happy BirthVersary Trish Travels and Tasty Treats!!

Stay Safe and Healthy


Travel Blogger

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