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StayCation in Milwaukee

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

It does not matter what your Need is to get away; a Celebration, a mini or extended vacation, or just a need for a little special Selfcare. It can be many miles away, or within the city limits for a Staycation. Hotels and Resorts are trying to help you achieve that escape. You can't hide from Everything that is going on, but a Safe, mental break can do the Mind, Body, and Soul good. With the deals that many are offering, it is so worth it.

Let me help you out. I know you know about Milwaukee, The Cheese Head Capital and Brew City (I wrote about it, check it out “Discover Milwaukee”), but how about the Brewery District? Surrounding the well known FiServe Forum, the home of the Milwaukee Bucks, is the newest downtown neighborhood called the Brewery District. Inside this district, you are walking distance to and from the FiServ, Pabst Brewery, Restaurants and Hotels. I decided to take a look at the Brewery District for something other than cheering on Giannis and the Bucks crew.

StayCation at the Hyatt Place Milwaukee

800 W Juneau Ave.

Some may think it's a bit Crazy to get a hotel in your city or state and may ask, why ”waste” that kind of time and money. Then there is Me!! How can you welcome or extend good hometown hospitality for your city IF you are unaware of what you have in your city? Who better to talk about Your house, than You?? And a personal experience is the best recommendation. You may need an Extra bed and breakfast spot for those relatives or friends that have extended their stay at your house. So, let's explore the new Hyatt Place Milwaukee. The hotel that in 2018, took up roots in downtown Milwaukee.

My SisterFriend and I made plans for a “Retreat with Me” weekend escape. The Hyatt Place was offering a good rate and this was a perfect opportunity to check out this somewhat new Downtown Milwaukee property. We arrived Friday afternoon. The Hyatt offers Valet Parking (for a fee) and there are other parking options around the hotel. Once inside the Beautiful Hotel, the Friendly front desk Representative greeted us Safely and Welcoming. As we proceeded to our rooms, we were both very pleased with our spacious, very clean, King Rooms.

I could write about all the Beautiful details that I was taking in at the hotel, but listen in for a better overview from Jay Young, the Operation Manager.

Thanks Jay!

There are two Real important amenities that I have to have or want when I book a hotel room. A Good, Comfortable bed and a Good, Working shower. I have other items on my checklist, but these two are vital to my stay and how satisfied I will be with my stay. The Hyatt Place checks off both, Bed and Shower was very nice. The feeling of some security is also good. A good piece of security was seeing that, without a hotel key, you should not have access to guest Floors or Rooms at this Hyatt. The electronic key is needed for the elevators.

Jay allows a peek inside their 6th Floor suites that nicely accommodates the smallest to the tallest guest.

Nice Suites!!

Due to the Corona, there was a nice grab and go breakfast setup, with a pleasant variety of hot and cold food and drink items. The staff kept things clean and stocked.

This Hyatt property did not have a pool, but we did take advantage of the nice workout area. We enjoyed dinner from a couple of nearby restaurants.

The Hyatt Place Milwaukee is not a large hotel, there’s 150 rooms to choose from.

It was a good size hotel with very comfortable size guest rooms. They have made things very easy and safe for check in and out. It was my first visit to this Hyatt and I highly recommend it. They get major points for their wonderful customer service from Everyone that we had contact with during our stay.

What an enjoyable Safe, StayCation!

Stay Safe and Be Blessed!


Travel Blogger and Visual Storyteller

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