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You Do What?! The Introduction

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

This BLOG is something that I know I can do alone, as it is MY vision. However, as I hope and pray for God’s guidance while I travel this Blog Journey, I also welcome guidance and assistance from those who’d like to see this project be a success for me. Someone like my “Always Thinking-Has a Thought on Everything” Blog fan. My Beautiful Cousin, Tomecka (we will just refer to her as my Exquisite Editor). Tomecka had the bright idea that I should feature mini videos of people working at these places that I post about during my Travels. People who may have jobs that you may never even knew existed. What an Awesome Idea Meek Meek! I will capture Special people, doing Special Assignments and title it “You Do What?!” I am excited to present these to you.



Cousin Tomecka

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