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Zoom Zoom, Fasten Your Headphones

When we said, at the beginning of the year....“This is going to be The Year, look out 2020!”... we did not have any of This in our thoughts and minds, on our calendar, or anywhere on our vision boards. What in the World is a Coronavirus Disease, aka COVID-19? The disease that is Literally All over the World! Yes, the year 2020 has been Very INTERESTING, for Everyone, Everywhere.  Corona hit us so surprisingly hard with a Social Dilemma when we had to figure out how to Social Distance. Churches, Schools, Sports, Travel, and Families All we’re affected by this unfortunate, unforeseen, and unforgettable Illness. Now, I don’t want to dampen your spirits, you could watch CNN for all the corona news. I want to hopefully Encourage you with ideas and hope as we continue to Cope through Corona. 

I wonder how many people, just this year, start using one or more of the different social media platforms to communicate or stay informed with someone or something. I would love to see those numbers. I have a couple apps that was already locked in on my phone and computer, but This year, I learned about others that had to be added. Many people still have not ventured over into this world, but honestly, I am so grateful for them all!! 

While chatting with my cousin, we were discussing how FaceTime, Zoom, Google Classroom and other Cyber ways that are available to help each other stay in touch without touching. That's if you really want or need to connect. Let me share a couple of personal experiences and hopefully, it will help with your alone time and thoughts. Take a trip or visit with me.

Hope School Virtual Field Trip

Parents and Grandparents were forced to quickly change or add to their occupation and their home, Teacher and Homeschool. Teachers and School Staff have been doing a great job keeping the Scholars on a reasonable, somewhat normal school routine. Classes, Chapel, and Teacher meetups all online, right from your student's makeshift desk area. Ready for an Adventure? We took a Safe, Fun Virtual field trip to the SAN DIEGO ZOO DeMiko and I were so excited, we had never been to San Diego. We got dressed, packed our lunch, camera, and sunglasses then boarded the Zoom mobile with the teachers and the rest of the 2nd-grade class. Thanks to Zoom, a peer-to-peer communication platform, we were able to Livestream the San Diego Zoo. Livestream was better because everyone could Safely get close to view the wildlife animals explore, eat, and play together. The children really enjoyed our trip! 

Next, ”Alexa Drop in on Big Moma

This past Christmas I gifted my 96-year-old grandmother with an 

Amazon Echo Show 5 (a smart display with Alexa communication) – so we could stay connected with video calling. This device has to be in my top five or ten lists for best purchases. To visit my grandmother, 620 miles away, to see and talk to her, by making a simple Drop-In command, this is awesome. Coping through Corona by staying connected.

One more...Children Travel for Read-Along

My grandson has been reading on Monday’s and posting on three platforms, FaceBook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can find those Reading videos by searching, “MondayswithMiko”. We took that a little further by including children from Atlanta, Dallas, Memphis, and Milwaukee for a group read along. Dressed to Impress, with their individual personalities, they took a seat and buckled up before the camera. The collaboration of Eighteen Children, connecting through corona was awesome!! You can view this here:

I could go on and on with my personal experiences, I make good use of what is available to cope through corona. Schools, Churches, Doctors, Families and Friends are having Zoom gatherings, celebrating birthdays, weddings and many occasions they don’t want others to miss. 

I have no idea how long we will have to mask up, stay six feet apart, or virtually give our Sunday Worship Praise from the palm of our hands and comfort of our living rooms, but I hope you are encouraged to reach out, even if you

can’t get out. 

Check out some of your options for connecting with others.

The 10 Best Video Meeting Apps

Stay Safe and Healthy! 😷


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